Much more than a Car Park


Free transfers to the Airport/Station.

Once you have dropped off your vehicle at our car park, we will take you to your terminal or station, just a short 15-minute drive away. Airlines recommend checking-in two hours in advance, so please arrive at the car park with enough time to get to catch your flight

When you return from your trip, we will be waiting for you at the meeting point to DELIVER YOUR CAR ON THE SPOT, avoiding delays and allowing you to reach your final destination sooner.



If you arrive at the car park low on fuel, we can fill the tank with the amount your need, and avoid delays on the return trip, without needing to stop at the service station. This service can be booked at the car park on arrival.

Car Wash

We will wash your vehicle if you want. We offer a variety of services.

Maintenance Services (consult us)

Wheel balancing: Avoid wheel vibrations that affect steering and reduce premature wear on tyres, suspension and bearings. Precise wheel balancing is necessary for driving comfortably and safely and to avoid wear and tear to your car.

Oil check and change + filters + fluid levels check: To avoid major breakdowns and wear, and to extend engine life, regular oil changes are recommended (maximum 15,000 km or 1 year, according to manufacturer). Leading brand 5w30 synthetic oil.

Paint and bodywork service: metallic paint, scratches and dents on hood, bumpers or roof. Find your car as good as new when you come home.

Check battery and tires, etc. (on request)

ITV (Vehicle Inspection): We can take our car through the Technical Vehicle Inspection if you want.

We work with a trusted workshop that can give you an estimate if needed.

Ask about our annual, semi-annual, monthly and weekly rates.

Partida de Altabix Pol. 1 – nº200
E/B 03291 – ELCHE (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 673 600

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